South Downs Surrey, Sussex
South Downs Surrey, Sussex

Lottie Kent

As an award winning chartered financial planner and Resolution accredited divorce specialist, Lottie is on a mission to see a world where no-one feels worried about their finances when faced with divorce. Her company, True Financial Design Ltd, helps remove financial uncertainty by imparting its expert knowledge in a simple way so its clients have the confidence to make informed decisions about their future. This ensures they don't make a financial mistake they live to regret.


Lottie is a member of two collaborative PODs, on a regional Resolution committee and works very closely with divorce solicitors, mediators and divorce coaches to obtain the right outcome for the client.

How Lottie and the team help their clients:


They provide them with the financial knowledge and confidence they need to enter into negotiations.


They establish their needs in the following areas:

  • To maintain their standard of living
  • Capital in order to stay in the family home or re-house
  • Income they need in retirement

They model different potential settlement scenarios to see:

  • Whether it fits their need
  • If there are shortfalls, what are the consequences of those shortfalls
  • What can be done to remove those shortfalls

They help them understand the different pension sharing options. 


They make them aware of any financial complexities and things to watch out for within their case. 


They help structure the settlement in the most appropriate way so they can achieve the life they want in the most cost and tax efficient manner.


They protect maintenance in the event of the provider's death or loss of income.


They help them understand the details within an actuary report. 


They provide them with ongoing support and advice, ensuring they are financially secure for the rest of their lives.


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