South Downs Surrey, Sussex
South Downs Surrey, Sussex


Mediation involves a couple seeking to resolve issues arising on relationship breakdown through meetings with independent and impartial mediators.


Our experienced mediators are trained to provide a neutral, safe environment for the resolution of such issues.  As the mediator cannot give legal advice, it is strongly advisable that each person takes legal advice from their own solicitor alongside the mediation process.


What are the benefits of mediation?

  • You can reach an agreement in relation to all issues in a non-adversarial environment
  • You can reach an agreement tailored to your individual needs by looking at options
  • You have control over the process so an agreement will not be imposed on you.  However, at the end of the process any financial agreement may be converted into a fully binding agreement (a separation agreement or a consent order)
  • Looking at your children's needs is at the forefront of the mediation process. Your children will also benefit from seeing you work together to find your own solutions
  • Attending mediation tends to lead to improved communication which is particularly important going forward where there are children involved
  • It is substantially cheaper than a court based process and normally a great deal quicker - you can control the pace of the process and how many meetings are required
  • Where necessary, other professionals such as a family consultant, financial planner or a child professional can assist in the process
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